Sarah (disturbed_vamp) wrote in chautauqua,

Machine Head - Blank Generation

They say we been
Going down and going down
Been travelling on the road to nowhere
Going down, round and round
Trying to get to the place where we started

When I was just a boy (or girl)
At four years old thought the world was joy
As a kid I'd play, just create the day
As I saw it my way

But time blows by

And strips us to the bone
Poisoned winds of woe
Teach us that we're
Alone in this world
We learned to see all the corruption and greed
All it's hate, all it's pain, so
A toast to the end of our innocence
A toast to our blank generation

So here's to our collagen lips and saline tits
To our growth hormones and antibiotics
To the Hollywood world we made out of barbie doll hearts
After we melted them down so we could make our new start
Here's to a generation scared and always wondering why
Instead of playing doctor, we play shoot each other and die
Instead of ring around the rosie, we play hide from mommy
Coz mommy's been drinking again and we don't want to get beat
Even with all our tattoos, and all our cheap thrills
There's still a hole inside of us that may never get filled
So we give back a little bit of what the world's given us
Giving back a bit of never giving a fuck

Here's to the justice never dealt, to innocent proven guilty
Here's to bad cops turning cheeks when real cops are on the street
Here's to the rat-tat-n-tat of gun shots, and your life is shattered
Here's to "Give me your cash or your brains is gettin' splattered"
Here's to mad cow disease and all that yummy msg
Here's to Mickey D's serving all those mutant chick-a-dees
This is a toast to celebrate the end of our innocence
This is a toast to celebrate how...
We've become desensitized
If life is to grow
Some life must die
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