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What's with all the fighting?

I have not said a thing about the in fighting and suppose flaming, maybe the rules need to state what the definition of flaming in this community is, so as not to confuse any members.
I have sat back and waited for it all to blow over or for it to be reined in.
Online communities don’t have to be brutal, consideration for others peoples’ feelings doesn’t mean any compromise on honesty has to be made. To be honest in a tactful way is best when dealing with the written word, where the reader can’t see the facial expressions or hear the inflections in the voice, which would fully show the intention of the person. What people see is generally what they react to, they don’t think about the persons’ intension, or what they may have meant by a remark.

I, my self have been a mod on various sites, forums, chat rooms and a few of my own creations, I’ve witnessing infighting in forums that got so bad, other mods started legal proceedings, fighting between members dose no one any good, let alone a fledgling community

After reading all the posts, and yes I’ve read every thing, there seems to be a continuing comment cropping up. The fact that people are taking posts out of context, and that comments are being posted incomplete, prematurely posting comments without thinking about how the receiver might take the criticism, or suggestion.
Its easy enough to put yourself in the other persons shoes and ask you self how you would react if the comment was directed at you.

Yes I see the point of not putting up multiply post advertising other communities, as other non members may take it as an invitation to do the same, filling the community with adds for other places and you would be hard pressed to find an information page that don’t have some similarities. If there was I problem an email could be sent, or a note in the persons community, an email being the better option as it doesn’t make the person feel singled out, letting the mod discuss it one on one about the transgression.

Don’t pick holes in others thoughts and beliefs, simple provide your own, if they are well worded and thought out, then what you have posted may change the others points of view, with out having lowered any one down to a lower intellectual level of cat fighting and name calling.

Tact, doesn’t mean you have to blindly agree on everything and not be truthful, but to be mindful about what you write, make it very clear what you mean, leaving no grey area, make what you say very black and white!
Argument is good, with out several points of view there wouldn’t be any development, In fact the world would most likely be a dictatorship with out people questioning others actions and theories.
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