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Right seeing as we have many icons, and we can possibly use most of them I decided it was a good idea to make a decision about them lol. Apparently there is a code we can use to make it were we can use this new icon that me and GK worked on, and askew's. I figured we can do that, or if you rather just have one icon and pick it. Either way im game.

Anyways the icon GK let us use is quite cute once we inverted it. So we have her verision of the toyed up icon, and then my verision after I toyed with it. And since we are evil, were going let you decide which you think looks good, since we both like ours and the others, but can't decide on which to add with askew's, or whatever else is being decided. Mine is the one on the left, and GK's is the one on the the right obviously. Please help us get this decision made, as GK is working on a banner, so I may use it whilst I go advertising like crazy again.
Our toys!
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