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Am i weird? most probably so

I've always been able to cope with big things, such as deaths, births, when people leave me etc. The way i usually do it is really bizarre, i just put it into my mind, and tell myself i'll sort it out another time. Take for instance, when my grandma dies, who I absolutely loved, when I was told I was sad for a few minutes, then after that i never really thought about it again, I keep telling myself i'll deal with it later when I have time, but I never get round to it. It's as though my minds a big box full of files, each thing goes into a file, which is sealed forever. But I think about certain things when i'm listening to music, that's when the tears come. But apart from that, i've almost forgotten it.

What i'm most afraid of is that one day, something will happen and I won't be able to deal with it in a certain manner, and all the previous bad things will just spill over. I can pretty much take anything, when people go all weak when they see babies, i'm pretty emotionless. My cousin had a child, a few weeks ago and all i could say was, "Ohh, good for you,"

After that, my main question(s) is

  • How do you cope when big things happen?
  • Is there anyone else who deals with things similar to the way i do?
  • Anyone know a good Physiatrist? Nah, i'm kiddin, does anyone have any advice or like to help moi?
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