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I've always wondered what people thought of punishments. Any punishment really, for children or even criminals. Is there a point when you've gone too far in punishing someone, some sort of limit, or does that depend on the act they've committed. I kind of sway on both sides of punishment or not. Technically we aren't gods, so who are we to say whether someone deserves to die or not. Killing them may end their lives, but it wont stop someone else from committing the same crime, they'll just be more careful. But then again it does stop that person.

Especially if their let loose again, and taken the chance they'll once again kill, etc. Really I don't know what side I'd say I take because im torn between both.

What did inspire this thought, is Laurell K. Hamiliton's book The Laughing Corpse. For those who haven't read it, the main character Anita has an ability to riase the dead. In The Laughing Corpse she encounters an vaudan priestess named Dominga who also has an ability with the dead. In the book, Anita waits 3 days for the souls of the body to disappear before she can raise them, or thats the theory of necromancers, because keeping the soul in the body is like a toture, to know your dead and trapped in a rotting body, and have no free will. Well Dominga has discovered how to keep the souls in the body and still raise it, and she does, and goes to the point of toruting the 2 dead woman she does this too, and even planning to sell them to necrophialiacs. Her reasoning for what she done is said in these lines...
"These were wicked women, chica. Their own families gave them to me. Paid me to punish them."-Dominga
"You took money for this?"-Anita
"It is illegal to tamper with dead bodies without permission of the family,"-Dominga

Strange inspiration I know, but it still came to mind. Necromancy doesn't exist I know, but I'd think that being dead was already enough punishment, instead of being brought back to life again, only to be used as a sex toy, and not have any choice, and being totally frighten, useless, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts, even though this is probably the weirdest entry made yet in this community.
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