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Chautauqua was a place in New York where poets and artists would get together to share their works. This Chautauqua is a small, friendly community intended for those who wish to discuss something, share their poems, stories, art; essentially, anything and everything. Chautauqua is a place of discussion, and a place to meet new or old friends.

We do ask that in joining and posting that you follow a few simple rules:

We ask that though this is a place of free discussion, that you be respectful of others' opinions. Harassment based on others' beliefs, opinions, work, or based on your own racism, homophobia, et cetera will not be tolerated.

Swearing in moderation is allowed as long as it is not intended for the harassment of others, or used in a insult.

Please don't destroy the English language. We're asking nicely.

Harassment, or constant breaking of the community rules is grounds for and will result in posts/comments being deleted and possible banning depending on the situation. If its constant though, you will be banned with no questions.

Flaming rules
Yes there are rules for flaming someone in this community. And like any other rule of this community, if broken will result in banning and the post being deleted.

Flames ARE allowed, but in moderation and to an extent. As long as the flame is pertaining to the subject at hand, then you may post it. But if its a random attack, your post will be deleted, and if you continue to post random attacks, you will be banned.

Insults to someone's opinions are tolerated, examples of such insults:
"What are you daft? That makes absolutely no sense",
"You're making extreme assumptions and I think you need to get real and think about what you're saying"
BUT if the insults is along the lines of basically saying "YOU suck and deserve to die because of what you think" then of course, post will be deleted.

No attempts to try find a loop hole around the rules.

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to ask me, please e-mail me at luckylilrabbit13@yahoo.com

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Background and Community Setup Moderator:

If you are a member with a community or have someone who made/has one we don't mind you telling about it. I don't mind 1 post in this community with a description of the community you own/co own/etc., but please respect others and don't post it several times, they have advertising communities for that purpose. And if you ask nicely, or if I look and like the looks of your community, I might add it to the list of our "sister" communities.

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