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Personally, I find it very interesting. Strange for one whose an atheist I guess, but still I like reading and learning about religions all the time. So I thought it'd be a good idea to actually post a subject about religion.

Apparently, im not the only one who was dragged to church as a child, spite mentioned that she too was forced to go. So I wondered how many of our members were also forced to go when they were little. And if so, do you believe that it made any sort of difference now in why you may or may not believe in God (or any particular religon).

Also, sounds strange, but what is YOUR defintion of an atheist? Not some dictionary defintion you can find for me, yours. When I asked some people this question I got various answers from, doesn't believe in god, a satanist (don't ask, it comes from living in a southern state with largely non educated kids), to a person who doesn't believe in any deity, religon. Personally I go for the latter, but I think its more of just doesn't hold to religious beliefs, deities, and has non secular morals.

Yes im a nerd, and for those who are curious, I did read a book entirely on religion which contain viewpoints on alot of arguements going on now about religions. It had alot of cool quotes, and showed both sides of the arguements. I'll have to recheck it back out, and type some of the chapters for everyone to read, because I know I found it very interesting.
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