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Personally, I find it very interesting. Strange for one whose an atheist I guess, but still I like reading and learning about religions all the time. So I thought it'd be a good idea to actually post a subject about religion.

Apparently, im not the only one who was dragged to church as a child, spite mentioned that she too was forced to go. So I wondered how many of our members were also forced to go when they were little. And if so, do you believe that it made any sort of difference now in why you may or may not believe in God (or any particular religon).

Also, sounds strange, but what is YOUR defintion of an atheist? Not some dictionary defintion you can find for me, yours. When I asked some people this question I got various answers from, doesn't believe in god, a satanist (don't ask, it comes from living in a southern state with largely non educated kids), to a person who doesn't believe in any deity, religon. Personally I go for the latter, but I think its more of just doesn't hold to religious beliefs, deities, and has non secular morals.

Yes im a nerd, and for those who are curious, I did read a book entirely on religion which contain viewpoints on alot of arguements going on now about religions. It had alot of cool quotes, and showed both sides of the arguements. I'll have to recheck it back out, and type some of the chapters for everyone to read, because I know I found it very interesting.
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Actually, a fun fact, if Atheism is your religion then you are a Satanist. Most people who are atheists just don't believe in god and don't really say much else about it. However, if you have a fervant religious belief that there is no God and that the human being and pleasure is what is to be worshipped instead then you're a satanist. A friend of mine just figured out that he is a Satanist and it was most amusing, he was very excited. Satanists don't worship Satan, the name is just a sensationalist thing.

Anyway, I was raised as a strict mormon, and I still believe a lot of it, but there were icky things that went on too and I think there is too much corruption in most organized religion. It's my opinion that it should be a personal thing and churches should just be a place where you can go and worship and discuss together, instead of making up crazy dogmas.
Actually the satanist they are thinking of is devil worshipping kind. Most of the kids, and I'll admit even I, thought a Satanist was someone who worshipped the devil. Strange you would have thought they'd given it a different kind of name instead one that would be easily confused with something else.
Oh I'm sure they think that, I was just clarifying that Satanists don't worship any god, just themselves and the persuit of pleasure and such.

Yeah, that's what I said, they have the name to get attention.
I was dragged to church through out my childhood, usually fell a sleep half way through the whole thing and stoped going as soon as I was old enough to stay home by my self.
I’ve read a wide range of books, literature, and even websites on religion, especially the old ancient religions, eg Christianity, Wicca, paganism, Judaism.

Satanism is not atheistic. Atheisism is no god/no religion, where as in Satanism they worship some kind of deity.

Satanism has a bad rap because it's a very self-centered religion. As often are many philosophies, so this alone is not enough to discount it. It also, of course, is named related to Satan, the Judeo-Christian anti-deity, which for many people automatically means that you must desire evil if you worship a being that embodies and symbolizes evil. In fact, most Satanists don't worship Satan (except the really nutty ones who don't understand the concept), but they DO largely thumb their nose at Christianity. An admitted large part of the purpose of the Church of Satan is to despise and attack Christianity. It's this kind of mean-spiritedness, as well, that detracts somewhat from the validity of the "theology" as a whole.
Satanists don't recognize any external deity, thus they are athiest, they worship themselves, the human condition.

Satanists don't worship satan at all, that's a different kind of religion, I can't remember the name, but if you belong to the Church of Satan then you don't worship Satan. The name Satan is just there for shock value, which can be fun. And I'd like some facts into the rest of that, because everyone (Satanists,theology professors, books, etc etc alike) have said the exact opposite.
Damn the no editing in comments. I wanted to say that there is an element of satire in one certain holiday, but otherwise they steer completely clear of Christianity.
Spite, I don’t really have one source of information, its just what I think, and a mix of remembered infromation from things i've read, but yes your right they do worship “the human condition” what ever they may define it as.

Let me clarify what I think an atheist is, as I don’t think I worded it right in my first post. I think atheism is a lack of belief in god.
How I read what you said was that Satanists attack Christianity, as if it were fact, "An admitted large part of the purpose of the Church of Satan is to despise and attack Christianity." That statement is not an opinion if you are saying that that is what a lot of them do. No where is that admitted by any followers of the religion, if anything they go out of their way to prove that wrong.

And yeah, by your definition of atheists (which is pretty much the accepted one) Satanists are atheists.
Yeah, maybe attack wasnt the right word to use.
So on a related, but different note, what religion are you?
Personally I done really have one religion, I tend to take the best bits from each.
But my background is a mix, mostly each denominations if Christianity, but my dads mother is Jewish.

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hey, I had 3 hours on sunday, 3 hours on wednesday and 1 hour every weekday morning, looks like I wasn't alone in the torture.