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Back to the subject

The community has completely derailed into squabbling, and no one has been posting about anything that had to do with the original subject of this community. And I've been included in that, so like I said before, if something seems wrong with the community then you have to try to fix it yourself.

So I'll hop back into politics, because it's mostly what's been on my mind recently. The whole Jessica Lynch story. She is not a national hero. It irritates the fuck out of me that the media, military and government are trying to make one out of her. She was clumsy in an attack, got sand stuck in her gun and got captured. It's a shame, because war is generally a nasty place. However, after she was captured the "Evil Iraqis" treated her, saving her life.

She was not heroically rescued either, they were going through that hospital for another purpose and ran into her on accident. The entire situation was one big accident. The movie about her is 90% fictional. Now there is the claim she was raped, the evidence they found was only evidence that she had had sex before. Woooohooo, sex does not equal rape. Maybe she was, I don't know, but it's ridiculous for the military to be saying that and not her. I have respect for her because she is trying very hard to get the word out that she wasn't a hero and she doesn't think she should be held up as one. She's a normal soldier, and she wouldn't have received all this recognition if she wasn't a pretty girl. Grrrrrrrrrr
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