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[25 Feb 2004|07:05pm]

Something i've always wondered is did Shakespeare actually understand what he was writing. You know how in schools they go on and on, in depth of what spakespear wrote, well do any of you actually think he meant for it to be all so symbolic?
*random question*

Am i weird? most probably so [26 Dec 2003|06:34pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I've always been able to cope with big things, such as deaths, births, when people leave me etc. The way i usually do it is really bizarre, i just put it into my mind, and tell myself i'll sort it out another time. Take for instance, when my grandma dies, who I absolutely loved, when I was told I was sad for a few minutes, then after that i never really thought about it again, I keep telling myself i'll deal with it later when I have time, but I never get round to it. It's as though my minds a big box full of files, each thing goes into a file, which is sealed forever. But I think about certain things when i'm listening to music, that's when the tears come. But apart from that, i've almost forgotten it.

What i'm most afraid of is that one day, something will happen and I won't be able to deal with it in a certain manner, and all the previous bad things will just spill over. I can pretty much take anything, when people go all weak when they see babies, i'm pretty emotionless. My cousin had a child, a few weeks ago and all i could say was, "Ohh, good for you,"

After that, my main question(s) is

  • How do you cope when big things happen?
  • Is there anyone else who deals with things similar to the way i do?
  • Anyone know a good Physiatrist? Nah, i'm kiddin, does anyone have any advice or like to help moi?

[23 Dec 2003|08:32pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Just a quick thing before i run off, i wanna advertise something. If you like RPGs, especially Anita Blake ones, try this link:
it's a cool RGP i'm with, if you want more info before considering joining, leave me a message.
If you want a little more info, check out my journal, i did a whole thing on it. Still wanna know more, then yeah leave something.
Don't worry you guys i won't do this again, just wondering, i am allowed to do this aren't i? Sorry if i'm not.


[16 Dec 2003|11:14am]

[ mood | curious ]

I've always wondered what people thought of punishments. Any punishment really, for children or even criminals. Is there a point when you've gone too far in punishing someone, some sort of limit, or does that depend on the act they've committed. I kind of sway on both sides of punishment or not. Technically we aren't gods, so who are we to say whether someone deserves to die or not. Killing them may end their lives, but it wont stop someone else from committing the same crime, they'll just be more careful. But then again it does stop that person.

Especially if their let loose again, and taken the chance they'll once again kill, etc. Really I don't know what side I'd say I take because im torn between both.

What did inspire this thought, is Laurell K. Hamiliton's book The Laughing Corpse. For those who haven't read it, the main character Anita has an ability to riase the dead. In The Laughing Corpse she encounters an vaudan priestess named Dominga who also has an ability with the dead. In the book, Anita waits 3 days for the souls of the body to disappear before she can raise them, or thats the theory of necromancers, because keeping the soul in the body is like a toture, to know your dead and trapped in a rotting body, and have no free will. Well Dominga has discovered how to keep the souls in the body and still raise it, and she does, and goes to the point of toruting the 2 dead woman she does this too, and even planning to sell them to necrophialiacs. Her reasoning for what she done is said in these lines...
"These were wicked women, chica. Their own families gave them to me. Paid me to punish them."-Dominga
"You took money for this?"-Anita
"It is illegal to tamper with dead bodies without permission of the family,"-Dominga

Strange inspiration I know, but it still came to mind. Necromancy doesn't exist I know, but I'd think that being dead was already enough punishment, instead of being brought back to life again, only to be used as a sex toy, and not have any choice, and being totally frighten, useless, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts, even though this is probably the weirdest entry made yet in this community.


Broken Down - Sevendust [05 Dec 2003|10:30pm]

It takes time
To heal the wound
I've made along the way
If i'm blind
Open my eyes
Cause i need to see again

If i can feel again
Will you tell me now
Or wait till i'm broken down again
Save me now
I'm broken
If i bleed
My lies won't fill the emptiness inside
I just need
For something real to open up my mind

Breaking down...
I'm breaking down...
It takes time...

It takes time...
Breaking down...
I'm breaking down...
If i can feel again.

[30 Nov 2003|12:04pm]

Just posting so as to keep this community alive. Sorry that I haven't been more active as I want to be, but between grades and life it all seems to be tumbling for me. I wont be back 24/7, until I make a few changes that need to be done, but I will be here to check and make sure the community is going okay, and that no trouble or anything like that is going on. Just felt everyone had the right to know, I know I would hate to be sitting there wondering.

And to stay on topic with the dicussion that I wanted for this community I figured I should through in a good topic. Im sure all of you have heard that most schools are very LOW budgted, and of course taking tons of courses out. I personally think that they should try more ways to conserve and earn money instead of trying waste it on things we dont need at the moment like computers. Kids need more important things besides a few laptops here and there. Fundraisers would be nice, instead of the few can drives that most of them seem to be only willing to do. If they were more honest, and nice to the students instead treating us like idiotic animals with no rights.

I found an article in yahoo news involving a school and some of the things they have had to cut and get rid of too:
Faced with a $2.8 million drop in state aid for this year, officials of the Elmbrook School District in suburban Milwaukee drew up a list of possible cuts.

At decision time, they discontinued French, German and Spanish classes for students in grades four, five and six.

School districts from Oregon to South Carolina have made similar cutbacks in foreign language instruction. And while 40 states have laws requiring high schools to offer at least two years of a foreign language, not even those requirements have warded off the cancellation of language studies in all cases. In Winthrop, Mass., school officials cut French classes, leaving only Spanish.

A report released last month by the National Association of State Boards of Education warns that foreign language programs are at risk of becoming a "lost curriculum."

The problem, according to the report, is that local school boards often treat foreign language programs as luxury items. But the definition of a luxury is an unnecessary extravagance. In today's global economy, knowledge of a foreign language is an essential skill needed to compete.

While U.S. students long have lagged their foreign counterparts in fluency in multiple languages, they are making encouraging progress in closing that gap. On college campuses, record numbers of students are taking foreign language courses, the Modern Language Association reported this month.

Current setbacks in language programs, however, endanger the recent gains by U.S. colleges. Here's why:

Language experts say students assimilate languages best in the elementary-grade years. Giving students only two years of a language in high school in one-hour-a-day classes leaves most of them with only rudimentary skills. As a result, they lack the proficiency needed to interact with native speakers or place into upper-level courses in college, according to language teachers.

Language study improves a student's ability to solve problems, educators say. Students who have taken four years of a foreign language in high school score better on both math and verbal SAT college admission tests, according to a study by the College Board.

In affluent school districts, parents often step in to pay for foreign language classes. That happened in parts of the Shawnee Mission district outside Kansas City, Kan., when language programs were cut in elementary school. Wealthy parents also can hire private tutors to teach languages to their children. That doesn't happen in poorer school districts. As a result, students there are less likely to get into elite colleges, which usually demand four years of foreign language.

School districts say budget reductions demanded by revenue-pinched states leave them no choice but to make hard decisions. Yet in many cases, educators don't choose cuts that do the least academic harm.

For example, when Elmbrook school officials looked for ways to offset the $2.8 million loss in state aid for this school year, they only were willing to trim the district's $1 million athletic budget by a mere $30,000. That compares with $173,000 the system saved by dropping foreign language instruction for lower grades.

Now, pressure from parents is prompting school officials to consider restoring foreign languages next year.

The parents understand what some educators fail to grasp: Foreign language instruction is a necessity, not a luxury.

Poem [24 Nov 2003|01:26pm]

This poem is not my own work. It is a friend of mine's poem but since i got it on sms i will share it with you.

Beautiful eyes lies within you
Find me
For i am lost
But what if i see you first
Will you kiss me or disapper into the night.

Art, Artist, Ethics, and separation. Got any answers? [21 Nov 2003|01:09pm]

Some radio stations are refusing to play Michael Jackson's music. Others aren't promoting his new album. CBS isn't airing his TV special. Now, this is like a leap from spam to roast beef, but...

Can you separate the artist from the art?
Should our ethics be part of how we judge whether or not something's worthy of looking at or listening to?
Is displaying, promoting, or enjoying art also condoning the wrong-doing of the artist?
Is there something inherently unethical in enjoying the work of someone who's committed a serious breach of morals?
How good does art have to be before you stop caring who made it?
Do you hold artists/musicians to a different moral standard than other people?
Is eccentricity an excuse for breaking the law as well as breaking down social norms?
Is it the artist's duty to challenge the legal strictures of society as well as the moral and traditional ones?
Have you got any artists in mind whose art overshadows their ethical or legal transgressions?

Machine Head - Blank Generation [20 Nov 2003|04:01pm]

They say we been
Going down and going down
Been travelling on the road to nowhere
Going down, round and round
Trying to get to the place where we started

When I was just a boy (or girl)
At four years old thought the world was joy
As a kid I'd play, just create the day
As I saw it my way

But time blows by

And strips us to the bone
Poisoned winds of woe
Teach us that we're
Alone in this world
We learned to see all the corruption and greed
All it's hate, all it's pain, so
A toast to the end of our innocence
A toast to our blank generation

So here's to our collagen lips and saline tits
To our growth hormones and antibiotics
To the Hollywood world we made out of barbie doll hearts
After we melted them down so we could make our new start
Here's to a generation scared and always wondering why
Instead of playing doctor, we play shoot each other and die
Instead of ring around the rosie, we play hide from mommy
Coz mommy's been drinking again and we don't want to get beat
Even with all our tattoos, and all our cheap thrills
There's still a hole inside of us that may never get filled
So we give back a little bit of what the world's given us
Giving back a bit of never giving a fuck

Here's to the justice never dealt, to innocent proven guilty
Here's to bad cops turning cheeks when real cops are on the street
Here's to the rat-tat-n-tat of gun shots, and your life is shattered
Here's to "Give me your cash or your brains is gettin' splattered"
Here's to mad cow disease and all that yummy msg
Here's to Mickey D's serving all those mutant chick-a-dees
This is a toast to celebrate the end of our innocence
This is a toast to celebrate how...
We've become desensitized
If life is to grow
Some life must die

Jesus H. Christ...H? [18 Nov 2003|05:33pm]

Well for the ponders, bored ones, and the ones who've all in all never quite could figure out what the H stood for, I have officially solved your problem. Or atleast I found the person who has solved it!

Dear Cecil:

How come people always say "Jesus H. Christ"? Why not Jesus Q. Christ or Jesus R. Christ or something else? Does the H really stand for something? My future peace of mind depends on your answer. --W.B.T., Chicago

Dear W.:

The H stands for Harold, as in, "Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name" (snort).

Actually, I've heard numerous explanations for the H over the years. The first is that it stands for "Holy," as in Jesus Holy Christ, a common enough blasphemy in the South, abridged to H by fast-talking Northerners. Other colorful Southern epithets include Jesus Hebe Christ and Jesus Hebrew Christ, which abbreviate the same way. The drawback of this account is that it is so boring I can barely type it without falling asleep. Luckily, the other theories are more entertaining:

(1) It stands for "Haploid." This is an old bio major joke, referring to the unique (not to say immaculate) circumstances of Christ's conception. Having no biological father, J.C. was shortchanged in the chromosome department to the tune of one half. Ingenious, I'll admit, but whimsy has no place in a serious investigation such as this.

(2) It recalls the H in the IHS logo emblazoned on much Christian paraphernalia. IHS dates from the earliest years of Christianity, being an abbreviation of "Jesus" in classical Greek characters. The Greek pronunciation is "Iesous," with the E sound being represented by the character eta, which looks like an H. When the symbol passed to Christian Romans, for whom an H was an H, the unaccountable character eventually became accepted as Jesus's middle initial.

(3) Finally, a reader makes the claim that the H derives from the taunting Latin inscription INRH that was supposedly tacked on the cross by Roman soldiers: Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Hebrei (Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Hebrews). Trouble is, the inscription is usually given as INRI: Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (J.C., King of the Jews).

Nonetheless, this is the kind of creative thinking I like to see from my Teeming Millions. With every passing day, my mission on this earth comes closer to completion.


Religion [18 Nov 2003|04:50pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Personally, I find it very interesting. Strange for one whose an atheist I guess, but still I like reading and learning about religions all the time. So I thought it'd be a good idea to actually post a subject about religion.

Apparently, im not the only one who was dragged to church as a child, spite mentioned that she too was forced to go. So I wondered how many of our members were also forced to go when they were little. And if so, do you believe that it made any sort of difference now in why you may or may not believe in God (or any particular religon).

Also, sounds strange, but what is YOUR defintion of an atheist? Not some dictionary defintion you can find for me, yours. When I asked some people this question I got various answers from, doesn't believe in god, a satanist (don't ask, it comes from living in a southern state with largely non educated kids), to a person who doesn't believe in any deity, religon. Personally I go for the latter, but I think its more of just doesn't hold to religious beliefs, deities, and has non secular morals.

Yes im a nerd, and for those who are curious, I did read a book entirely on religion which contain viewpoints on alot of arguements going on now about religions. It had alot of cool quotes, and showed both sides of the arguements. I'll have to recheck it back out, and type some of the chapters for everyone to read, because I know I found it very interesting.


[17 Nov 2003|06:06pm]

I'd like everyone to give a looksie at the info page. I have made some rule changes, and a few additions. Some involving the recent situations, and others that I thought would be a good idea to add along in the profile to take care of any situations that might appear in the future. Of course I had help in the setup of these new rules, etc. but I would appreciate what everyone here seems to think. Naturally we will be following by these rules, and of course im open to chaning, or revising some of them according to what everyone thinks. But only if a good amount agrees that it should be changed. I am trying to be diplomatic as possible, and as fair as I can be.

What's with all the fighting? [17 Nov 2003|08:02pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I have not said a thing about the in fighting and suppose flaming, maybe the rules need to state what the definition of flaming in this community is, so as not to confuse any members.
I have sat back and waited for it all to blow over or for it to be reined in.
Online communities don’t have to be brutal, consideration for others peoples’ feelings doesn’t mean any compromise on honesty has to be made. To be honest in a tactful way is best when dealing with the written word, where the reader can’t see the facial expressions or hear the inflections in the voice, which would fully show the intention of the person. What people see is generally what they react to, they don’t think about the persons’ intension, or what they may have meant by a remark.

I, my self have been a mod on various sites, forums, chat rooms and a few of my own creations, I’ve witnessing infighting in forums that got so bad, other mods started legal proceedings, fighting between members dose no one any good, let alone a fledgling community

After reading all the posts, and yes I’ve read every thing, there seems to be a continuing comment cropping up. The fact that people are taking posts out of context, and that comments are being posted incomplete, prematurely posting comments without thinking about how the receiver might take the criticism, or suggestion.
Its easy enough to put yourself in the other persons shoes and ask you self how you would react if the comment was directed at you.

Yes I see the point of not putting up multiply post advertising other communities, as other non members may take it as an invitation to do the same, filling the community with adds for other places and you would be hard pressed to find an information page that don’t have some similarities. If there was I problem an email could be sent, or a note in the persons community, an email being the better option as it doesn’t make the person feel singled out, letting the mod discuss it one on one about the transgression.

Don’t pick holes in others thoughts and beliefs, simple provide your own, if they are well worded and thought out, then what you have posted may change the others points of view, with out having lowered any one down to a lower intellectual level of cat fighting and name calling.

Tact, doesn’t mean you have to blindly agree on everything and not be truthful, but to be mindful about what you write, make it very clear what you mean, leaving no grey area, make what you say very black and white!
Argument is good, with out several points of view there wouldn’t be any development, In fact the world would most likely be a dictatorship with out people questioning others actions and theories.


Back to the subject [16 Nov 2003|03:05pm]

[ mood | awake ]

The community has completely derailed into squabbling, and no one has been posting about anything that had to do with the original subject of this community. And I've been included in that, so like I said before, if something seems wrong with the community then you have to try to fix it yourself.

So I'll hop back into politics, because it's mostly what's been on my mind recently. The whole Jessica Lynch story. She is not a national hero. It irritates the fuck out of me that the media, military and government are trying to make one out of her. She was clumsy in an attack, got sand stuck in her gun and got captured. It's a shame, because war is generally a nasty place. However, after she was captured the "Evil Iraqis" treated her, saving her life.

She was not heroically rescued either, they were going through that hospital for another purpose and ran into her on accident. The entire situation was one big accident. The movie about her is 90% fictional. Now there is the claim she was raped, the evidence they found was only evidence that she had had sex before. Woooohooo, sex does not equal rape. Maybe she was, I don't know, but it's ridiculous for the military to be saying that and not her. I have respect for her because she is trying very hard to get the word out that she wasn't a hero and she doesn't think she should be held up as one. She's a normal soldier, and she wouldn't have received all this recognition if she wasn't a pretty girl. Grrrrrrrrrr


[16 Nov 2003|11:55am]

I know I've said this several times, but I will say it again for those who haven't seen it.

I think everyone overreacted to this situation that went on. Alot of it was blown out of proportion, and some took offence over things that weren't even offensive. I would like people to know that I wasn't trying to harass anyone, or making attempts to ban people or whatever. I simply thought that rain's community profile did say pretty much the same as ours did. But then again so do others, so it didn't really bother me that much. What does upset me is that most of you didn't even bother to really read what I said, and took the rest of it and twisted it around trying to make me look like im harassing and attacking when im not.

Like it has been said, a community is for sharing, caring, and being honest. HONESTY is a keyword there. Sometimes honesty does hurt, but consider the facts, would you like to be knowing you were part of candy coated lies all the time? I really hate it in communities when people aren't honestly given help, just told how wonderful they are. They begin to get dependent on that sort of attention, and you begin to see a barage of posts over the most mild of things that happen in their life, and them begging for attention. Sometimes people need slaps in their face, and at others they need hugs.

I don't know if those of you heard of Sissyfight, but they have a messageboards there, that is part of the game. The game has existed for awhile, and alot of the members have been there since the beginning of the game, and some came afterwards. We have become close to each other, and yes there has been alot of argueing, backstabbing, etc. over the times, but its an intergrated part of the community. If there wasn't any discussion, comments, and disagreement in the community I don't think it'd last very long. Communities can't always just nod heads, agree silently, and never say anything. There will always be disagreements somewhere along the lines of people part of it, and I for one welcome them. I want people to be different, I want their opinions. If I say I hate abortions/god/whatever I want someone come along who does love those things, and then they can tell me why they love it, and why I might be in the wrong.

You can't have a Utopia of love, hugs, etc. I use to think you could, but over the time I've learned what the disagreements, arguements, and posts in messageboards are for. They provide the uniquness of a community. The part that differs from every other that usually ends within a span of time. They have learn that you will have disagreements, and you will have people who will dislike another for how they act, what they think, and you can't hide that, ban it, or delete it. You have to embrace it, but limit it to an extent so that others don't feel slighted.

All in all I hope we all can seriously think this stuff over. I would like to maintain all our members, welcome any new ones, and even welcome communities to be a part of ours. I hope you all can understand what I have said. I know I might not be the greatest moderator you have ever seen in the community,but I do learn. Slowly I agree, but I learn from great moderators of communities I know.

Community [16 Nov 2003|03:55pm]

Well well people things seem to be getting a bit nasty in here so I thought it might be an idea to remind everyone what the meaning of the word community is:

Similarity or identity: a community of interests.
Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

I got this entry from Dictionary.com, if you would like to read the complete entry please do: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=community

Perhaps instead of getting bitchy when someone says "hey I've made this other community" we could try: "cool, now I can be part of another community" or even "no thanks, I've had a look but I'm going to give it a miss this time." And when someone says that the community is being neglected instead of writing a catty comment we might consider why it's happening. I mean really I can't say I want to put in posts when all I expect in response is some sort of nasty comment, or to just be ignored all together. Remember that since you are writing there is no tone of voice & things can easily be misinterpreted. A good community is caring & supportive so before you write a comment to someone's post please make sure you consider their feelings.

Icons... [14 Nov 2003|09:22pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Right seeing as we have many icons, and we can possibly use most of them I decided it was a good idea to make a decision about them lol. Apparently there is a code we can use to make it were we can use this new icon that me and GK worked on, and askew's. I figured we can do that, or if you rather just have one icon and pick it. Either way im game.

Anyways the icon GK let us use is quite cute once we inverted it. So we have her verision of the toyed up icon, and then my verision after I toyed with it. And since we are evil, were going let you decide which you think looks good, since we both like ours and the others, but can't decide on which to add with askew's, or whatever else is being decided. Mine is the one on the left, and GK's is the one on the the right obviously. Please help us get this decision made, as GK is working on a banner, so I may use it whilst I go advertising like crazy again.
Our toys!


[15 Nov 2003|12:20pm]

Well, well, we do seem to be neglecting this place a bit. I hope there aren't any bad vibes here or anything to make people neglect it. I may as well promote a newly-formed community too, it's called Net Junkies, thanks to Askew_Scribe. Feel free to check it out, feel free to join. Or feel free not to, no pressure. Just seeking much-needed support, that's all. Um ... that's all I'll say, too. Ciao people. Be good.

Random Amy Poem [09 Nov 2003|05:25pm]

[ mood | sad ]

There are certain things we don't say,
words that couldn't be controlled
if they were released into empty air.

And we
We would get lost in our words
In fumbling attempts to express the unexpressable,
to keep our dignity throughout the whole process.

It's easy to purse lips
To pursue a noble silence
To weather out the tumultuous storm.
Easier for you (or me) to explain.

You (or me)
We are looking for a simple regression
Some language through which our heavy tongue can swim,
sewing patterns of reality instead of the usual murky designs
Spelled out insilent embrodiery.

Our skin, stretched tightly over
brittle, protruding bones. Screaming

There is a death in self expression.

(Live Journal messes with the formating, so it doesn't look like it should, there is a visual aspect to this poem, le sigh)


To cheat or not to cheat [08 Nov 2003|01:58pm]

This is something I read in a friend's journal: Is it cheating if you are being paid for it? Which also raises the question: Is it cheating if you pay for it?

The male point of view seems to be that it is neither cheating if you are being paid or paying for it. I can't say I'm surprised about this but it does make me wonder about how many of them actually do it.

My opinion is that if you are with anyone besides your partner, no matter the circumstance, it is cheating. And I've never understood the whole 'open-relationship' thing. If you like someone enough to want to be in a relationship with them why would you want to be with anyone else?

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